Performance Analysis of a Network of Dual-Lane Roundabouts – Part 2

Modern roundabouts have become a subject of great interest and attention over the last few years considering their potential to reduce vehicular delay & emissions and increase safety. The objectives of this study to examine the short- and long-term benefits performance of roundabouts from a multi-modal perspective. Using real observed data from vehicular traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and transit vehicles and complementing it with microsimulation data, this research will assess the delay, environmental impacts and safety of a network of three roundabouts. By conducting this research, the Intern would have the opportunity to incorporate research expertise in a real-life engineering project and benefit from the practical engineering viewpoints at the partner organization. Industrial partner, ISL Engineering and Land Services, is seeking for a comprehensive and comparative analysis among the performance of roundabouts and a network of signalized intersections from a multi-modal perspective. Such analysis provides valuable recommendations for future applications both design approaches for different traffic conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lina Kattan


Seiran Heshami


ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd


Engineering - civil



University of Calgary



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