Performance Based Seismic Design Guidelines for Sprayed-FRP Retrofitted Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

The proposed study will develop seismic design guidelines for retrofitting deficient concrete bridge columns with sprayed fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). Seismically deficient bridge columns (with different aspect ratios and transverse reinforcement ratios) retrofitted with composites will be tested under reverse cyclic loading. The tests will determine various damage states in terms of strain and drift. Extensive nonlinear finite element analyses (FEA) will be performed to simulate the experiments, and predict their responses and limit states The interactions of various parameters on limit states will be determined, and regression equations will be proposed for their predictions. Finally, performance-based design guidelines/tools will be developed for the seismic retrofit of deficient bridge piers. This research will lead Canada to a sustainable solution for strengthening and retrofitting of highway bridge infrastructure system. The supporting organization will benefit significantly as the proposed research will help them offer a new service that align within their portfolio.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ehab El-Salakawy


Anantray Parghi


POLYRAP Pavement System Ltd.




Alternative energy


University of Manitoba



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