Performance evaluation of a Novel “Displacement Buffering System” for Buried Pipelines

ALFA Upgrades recently developed a system for buried pipelines, referred to as “Displacement Buffering System (DBS)”, to redistribute the stress and strain concentrations in a pipe and limit the allowable lateral displacement of the pipe in the incidence of large ground movement.
The scope of this project includes performing experimental tests and consequently developing equations that estimate the extent of allowable applied displacement before the onset of pipe buckling while the DBS is in place. The behaviour of the pipeline in relation to the stiffness of the DBS and the surrounding ground will be evaluated and equations to determine the optimal stiffness of the DBS that can effectively redistribute the strain induced to the pipeline will be developed through this project.
The experimental testing in this project will provide the background data for future numerical analyses and field testing that is required by ALFA Upgrades to fully optimize the technical applicability and economic viability of the DBS.

Faculty Supervisor:

Samer Adeeb


Onyekachi Ndubuaku


ALFA Upgrades


Engineering - civil




University of Alberta



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