Performance map of effect of composition and heat treatment on the work output from shape memory alloys.

Shape memory alloys are materials which, when cooled are easily stretched, but when heated, return to its previously “remembered” shape with a high force. This allows for a simple heat engine to be made, which can use hot and cold sources to create motion and do work. The amount of work that can be done by a shape memory alloy is dependant on its composition, geometry and how the material is processed prior to use. To properly a design a shape memory alloy device, it is important to determine how it will perform, taking those previously mentioned factors into account, but also heating and cooling rates. The objective of this proposal is to develop a testing facility tailored to shape memory alloys, accounting for the factors which affect performance in application. This apparatus is unique in that it allows for a complete characterization of the performance of the material in a single step.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chan Y. Ching


Mohamed Hammouda


Smarter Alloys Inc


Engineering - mechanical



McMaster University



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