Performance Metrics and Reporting Requirements for Sustainable Supply Chain Management

The Sustainability Toolkit has been developed to address the lack of step-by-step guidance to show organizations how develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability management plan. The Toolkit integrates globally-recognized approaches to sustainability management that can be used to manage an organization’s supplier/customer sustainability requirements. The proposed project will test the Toolkit approach and allow interns, working with various client organizations, to identify the common sustainability requirements suppliers must address through their sustainability programs and the type of reporting buying organizations require of their suppliers to demonstrate their sustainability progress.
Interns will gain hands-on work experience in the sustainability field, while Tavares Group Consulting benefits from invaluable feedback required to develop an online software version of the Toolkit. Participating client organizations will benefit from an efficient process to manage supplier sustainability requirements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephan Vachon


Daniel Joseph


Tavares Group Consulting Inc.


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Western University



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