Performative Construction: Configuring a Computer-controlled Robotic Manufacturing Setting for Composite Wood Buildings

This research project will explore and devise a digital simulation platform for architects with which custom-designed buildings can be manufactured by robotics from composite wood paneling systems. In a practice-based approach, the intern will develop a simulation tool for a unique manufacturing setting by linking and modifying computer software. The digital platform supports architects in decision-making through a visual representation of the production process and by providing useful information regarding manufacturing lines, i.e., time, cost, equipment, and materials used. The manufacturing setting aims to provide a flexible, rapid, and precise production process for tall wood buildings given their ecological benefits. After successful run of the simulation trials, the partner organization will utilize information obtained from the simulation platform for an integrated project delivery approach to design and produce tall wood buildings on a real scale.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lora Oehlberg


Peyman Poostchi






Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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