Perovskite Solar Cell Development

The concern regarding the environmental impacts of climate change due to the consumption of fossil-fuels for our daily energy needs has notably increased over the past decade, resulting in a rapid increase of renewable energy implementation. The solar energy industry in particular has seen exponential increases in production worldwide. Perovskite solar cells gained critical acclaim in the scientific community and were voted Science’s top 10 discoveries of the year in 2013 due to their inherently high efficiency, and cheap material fabrication cost compared to the standard silicon solar cell technology. This solar cell technology is likely to play a large role in the next generation of large-scale clean energy production. During this project we will address the last barriers to perovskite solar cell commercialization

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Hill


Irina Valitova;Samuel March


Rayleigh Solar Tech Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science




Dalhousie University



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