Persuasive technology – Guidance to Virtual Relationship Manager (VRM) for effective sales effort basis voice data mining

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is how companies hear and listen to customer feedback about their brand, products, and services. Voice of the Customer solutions convert gathered feedback into valuable data and insights at scale. Data-driven VoC analytics programs are proven to increase customer lifecycle value and lower customer churn. Companies in various industries including insurance, financial services, and healthcare are leveraging this technology to generate insights into customer needs. ICICI Bank has large number for Virtual Relationship Managers who engage with customers assigned to them through electronic channels only for various product sales and servicing. This project’s primary objective is to develop a machine learning model which incorporates both customer record available with the bank along with voice data for finding potential buyers of the products of the bank. We also aim to create a voicebot to make personalized recommendations based on customer history and preferences.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Chignell


Saarthak Sangamnerkar


ICICI Bank Canada


Computer science


Finance, insurance and business


University of Toronto



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