PET/MRI Imaging Development for Pre-clinical Neuroimaging Applications

The field of nuclear medicine relies on positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scanners to visualize molecular processes in normal and disease states in the living human. These imaging technologies have significant potential to enhance our ability to diagnose disease, develop appropriate disease-modifying treatments and for non-invasive monitoring of these therapies.
Canadian medical device company Cubresa Inc., has developed and commercialized new PET/MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technologies for use in pre-clinical (small animal) imaging research. These high-performance scanners provide exceptional detail and permit rapid evaluation of emerging disease diagnostics and therapies that can be more readily translated to use in humans. Characterizing the performance, validation and optimizing the capabilities of this PET/MRI technology in a variety of brain imaging applications will ultimately accelerate Cubresa’s product development, generate tools/approaches that have potential to be patented/licensed and help position them as major players in the global medical device market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Beyea


Drew DeBay


Cubresa Inc.




Medical devices




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