Phenotyping and genotyping collection of Cannabis sativa lines

Upcoming legalization of marijuana provides many opportunities for all Canadians. Licensed Producers (LPs) are the main providers of medicinal cannabis to patients and will be the main suppliers for recreational market. The significant disadvantage in the current environment is the limited number of strains available to LPs. Sundial Growers have acquired a collection of Cannabis sativa lines. There is little to no information on these lines. Current research program is aimed at full characterization of these lines, including phenotypic and genotypic analysis as well as evaluation of potential medicinal properties of the extracts from those lines. We propose to grow seeds of these lines, phenotype and chemotype them, select those varieties that have most attractive cannabinoids/terpenoids profiles and growth characteristics, genotype them to identify their genetic background. We then propose to work with selected varieties by analyzing their genetic/phenotypic diversity and by analyzing the potential medicinal properties of these extracts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Olga Kovalchuk


Solomiia Kerniakevych






Life sciences




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