Photons to Fish (PHISH): Ecosystem indicators of fish productivity

Recreational fisheries in Canada are estimated to provide over $2.5 billion dollars to local economies each year. There is a growing concern that industrial activities, climate change, and other factors may negatively impact the productivity of these fisheries and the freshwater ecosystems that support them. However, direct estimates of fish productivity are extremely challenging to undertake, especially in remote locations like Canada’s north. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the effects of major ecosystem disruptions on fish communities and provide a suite of indicators that can be used to monitor for potential changes in fish productivity, especially in locations where it cannot be measured directly. The information generated in this project will assist the IISD Experimental Lakes Area in providing strong, scientifically based, guidance to industry and policy makers on the protection of fish communities and the freshwater ecosystems that support them.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Rennie


Bryanna Sherbo


IISD Experimental Lakes Area Inc




Environmental industry


Lakehead University



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