Photovoltaic Production-Developing new Materials and Approaches

Through the Ontario Green Energy Act, solar manufacturing is rapidly growing in Ontario with S2E being involved in several new initiatives including a new lamination facility in London, Ontario. Several fundamental problems need to be addressed in the lamination procedure and materials required for photovoltaic (PV) panel construction. To increase panel efficiencies, this project will examine new materials and the integration of various light absorbing materials into the poly (ethylene vinyl acetate) EVA encapsulants. We will examine new polymer coatings and films with light harvesting properties in which UV radiation from the sun is converted efficiently into more useful higher wavelengths for higher panel efficiencies. Novel EVA films integrated with nanocrystals such as Quantum dots, mesoporous silica nanoparticles for temperature control, and light harvesting nanowires. The lamination process will also be examined for implementing new technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Paul A. Charpentier


Harrison Ward & Md Abdul Mumin


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy


Western University



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