Physical Activity Opportunities in Saint John, New Brunswick: A Neighbourhood Assessment by Income

Physical activity can help people prevent and manage diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Currently, many Canadians are not sufficiently active, citing lack of time, money, knowledge, and access to physical activity programs as barriers. This compilation of physical activity programs in Saint John, New Brunswick, will gather details of the types of physical activity programs available and will map them by average income in local neighbourhoods to determine if access is equal for all. Programs will be compiled into a physical activity “where-to” guide for physicians to facilitate exercise prescriptions that can be tailored to individual needs. A second report will examine program availability relative to neighbourhood income. The results will be useful to physicians, citizens, city planners and recreation professionals, and The Heart and Stroke Foundation as it promotes physical activity and health promotion, and will provide a template for other communities to conduct similar scans.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mary McKenna


Sarah Bridges





Medical devices




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