Picking Up Our Medicine Bundles in a Modern Day Context

Communities in Northern Saskatchewan have overwhelming epidemic rates of suicide. This loss is compounded by the unresolved grief and inter-generational trauma associated with the legacy of residential schools. There is a clear connection between high suicide rates and the historical trauma experienced by Indigenous people. Mental health services for Indigenous youth in rural and remote communities are delivered by outsiders, through a medical “helicopter health” approach.
This research examines Indigenous methods of healing as a way toward a sustainable holistic youth healing program for rural and remote communities. The research findings will be prepared in a document to influence policy change with hopes that locally developed indigenous methods of healing are supported by policies that guarantee long term impact. We hope to strengthen and mobilize community processes from the inside-out; empowering Indigenous youth and families as they learn how to pick up their knowledge bundles in today’s world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Siomonn Pulla


Marie Mihalicz


Green Arrow




Aboriginal affairs




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