Pilot scale process flow sheet development for sustainable recycling of lamps from the waste stream

Lamps and lighting products are the most commonly used electrical product around the globe. With the improvement in lamp technologies, from incandescent bulb to compact fluorescent lamp to LED bulbs, the products have grown complex and hence they require an improved recycling process. In general, lamps consist of various valuable metals such as iron, copper, aluminium, chromium, silver, gold and some hazardous metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic. It also contains plastic and glass. A proper recycling process should be able to recover the valuable metals, plastic and glass while it should be able to deal with the hazardous materials in an environmentally friendly manner. Using the previous study results, this project aims at developing a pilot process flowsheet for sustainable processing of used electric lamps.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maria Holuszko


Vinoth Kumar Kuppusamy


Contact Environmental Inc




Mining and quarrying




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