Pipe Acoustical Characterization of Packaged Screw Compressors

The gas processing industry is fielding screw compressors of increasingly larger size. These machines are usually packaged together with process piping and equipment by several local packaging companies that regularly hire consultants (such as AP Dynamics) to conduct design reviews geared to mitigate potential issues with pulsations and mechanical vibrations. Budgets and timeline constraints of typical projects do not allow for full fledge CFD analysis of these installations, thus AP Dynamics would like to develop computational methods and tools that address the particular issues of tracking pressure pulsations and the induced mechanical vibrations in the frequency range of 300 to 3000 Hz. The successful completion of the stated objectives will be of fundamental importance to AP Dynamics. It will improve the company’s ability to seek new projects in the area of refrigeration and gas processing where screw compressors are most commonly used. It will enhance the reputation for accurate prediction of outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiao Sun


Neysa Gunness


AP Dynamics Inc


Engineering - mechanical






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