Pipeline Strain Based Assessment of Geotechnical Hazards

This project will characterize the ability of vintage (1930 – 1970’s) pipeline materials to support large deformations and develop numerical simulation tools capable of predicting the onset of failure. Of particular interest to this project is the analysis of geotechnical hazards including the ground movements that could impact pipelines including landslides and subsidence events. The numerical simulation tools that have been developed to assess these geotechnical hazards will be enhanced in this project to better define the significance of a ground movement event in terms of the deformations imposed on the pipeline to define allowable ground movement limits and focus remedial or repair action on those geotechnical hazards that pose the greatest risk.

Faculty Supervisor:

Arnaud Weck


Amir Hassannejadasl


BMT Fleet Technology Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical


Construction and infrastructure


University of Ottawa



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