Planning a sustainable approach to Community Forest Management with the Katzie First Nation at Blue Mountain and Douglas Provincial Forests

The Katzie First Nation is working towards establishing a Community Forest Agreement (CFA) with the Province of British Columbia. The area of intent lies within Katzie Traditional Territory and includes Blue Mountain and Douglas Provincial Forests, located along the east banks of Alouette Lake. To establish a CFA, the Katzie desire a holistic approach to forest planning that not only considers timber harvesting, but also non‐timber economic opportunities, traditional use values, multiple stakeholder desires and prospects for cultural preservation and education. The internship will investigate Katzie values of sustainability to generate criteria to guide CFA planning. Further, the intern will investigate Provincial and academic sources to suggest best practices for Katzie as they plan a CFA. Results will be combined with additional stakeholder considerations to compile a Forest Sustainability Plan for the Katzie First Nation, and will include a template that can be employed by other B.C. communities planning a CFA. Research will also contribute to academic literature addressing aboriginal forest management planning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Thomas Gunton


Anna Usborne


Smuq’wa Development Corporation


Resources and environmental management


Finance, insurance and business


Simon Fraser University



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