Pneumatic Based Clean Powering Options for Buses

This project aims to develop a pneumatic (compressed air) powertrain to be used in a 40-feet bus for municipal transit and school buses. Since the transportation sector is one of the prior contributors of Canada?s GHG emissions ( 24%), any alternative solutions to conventional vehicles carries significant importance to reach the GHG target that Canada promised under Paris agreement. Due to the nature-friendly characteristic of the developed system, it may contribute to achieving the GHG emissions target. Interns involving in this research project will have a significant opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to the field and get an excellent experience to further develop their abilities. The partner organization will utilize this research to expand the business and have the upper hand over the competitors. On top of all, ecological problems due to GHG emissions and possible solutions will be pointed out once again through this research project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ibrahim Dincer


Ali Karaca


Air Lab Inc


Engineering - mechanical




University of Ontario Institute of Technology



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