Point Cloud processing for Smart Iceberg Management System

Newfoundland oil and gas industry needs unique engineering solutions for offshore structures and operations because of harsh environment. Drifting icebergs, if collide with an offshore structure, may cause serious damage leading to economic losses, ecological problems and loss of human lives. To protect the structure, icebergs can be towed away; however, it is a complicated process, especially when the underwater part of iceberg is hidden. This project contributes to a new technology that can be used onboard of towing vessels to assist captains when taking their decisions regarding towing. The Smart Iceberg Management System is able to obtain full iceberg shape in only 20 minutes, helping to decide where and how to tow. This should significantly improve success rates, safety and cost-effectiveness of the complicated towing operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rocky Taylor


Renat Yulmetov




Engineering - mechanical


Oil and gas




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