Policy Development Project


Located on Northern Haida Gwaii, Old Massett represents one of two Haida communities on this remote archipelago. The Haida, like any other Indigenous Community, have faced obstacles and challenges in finding their niche within the modern and Western World. Innovation, expertise, and active community engagement has brought the Old Massett Haida to a place where they can now participate within the economic realm of the larger world. In order to assure that resources and wealth is generated and guided in the most locally and culturally appropriate manner possible, the Old Massett Village Council, through the Economic Development Office, proposes a project to research existing Indigenous Communities’ Profit Policies. With this information, then, the Intern will develop a Profit Policy that will steer economic revenue, utilizing a bottom-up and holistic approach, specifically addressing the social issues that the community faces.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Peter Stephenson


Valine Crist


Kluu Laanas Community Development Corporation




Construction and infrastructure


University of Victoria



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