Polytomous item response theory models in the creation of a personality computer adaptive test

The goal of the current proposal is to use Classical Test Theory and polytomous Item Response Theory models in order to revise a personality-based assessment and create a computer adaptive test of personality for the partner organization and to make recommendations for future personality researchers. The intern will plan and conduct a validation study using 1200 subjects. In addition to using Classical Test Theory to analyze the results of the validation study, he will compare the model fit of two commonly used polytomous item response theory models (the Graded Response Model and the Generalized Partial Credit Model). The comparison of fit, along with the similarities/differences in the information that these models provide, will be used to derive recommendations for future personality researchers making use of polytomous item response theory models.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Richard Goffin


Travis Schneider


Research Psychologists Press Inc.




Life sciences


Western University



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