Portable sensor for rapid and onsite detection of bacteria in water

The presence of harmful bacteria in drinking water sources can seriously harm the population that receives the contaminated water. The current standard methods for testing drinking water for bacteria heavily rely on using central laboratories. For small rural communities that are far from these laboratories, this scheme may represent 2-7 delays until they find out about the quality of their drinking water sources. This can be catastrophic if the residents of these communities drink contaminated water while waiting for the results. This project represents the final stages in the development of a handheld device that can test water samples onsite and within 1 hour. Completion of this project will allow Roshan Water Solutions to fill the final gaps in their technology and increase their readiness for commercial manufacturing of the device. Moreover, this project involves the presence of the Roshan’s staffs in these communities during the field testing stage. This will help the company to realize the needs of potential end-users and incorporate their feedback into the manufacturing process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohtada Sadrzadeh


Amirreza Sohrabi


Roshan Water Solutions


Engineering - mechanical


Natural resources




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