Portable Sensor for rapid, onsite detection of bacteria in water

Harmful bacteria in drinking water can be a great threat to humans, causing diseases and possibly death. This project is aimed at determining the safety of drinking water for consumers, especially in communities where access to sophisticated laboratory facilities is limited. This research project will help to further develop a portable bacteria sensor for water, capable of determining the presence of harmful bacteria in water. The technology will offer faster analysis than the typical 1-2 day water analysis for bacteria. Moreover, no transportation of the water is needed to a laboratory and minimal training is required to use the sensor. The sensor unit will eventually be used onsite, where needed for water quality monitoring. Roshan Water Solutions will also benefit from this project by advancing its research and development stage through university research. It will also gain a better understanding of the target market for the sensor.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohtada Sadrzadeh


Parmiss Shaibani


Roshan Water Solutions


Engineering - mechanical


Natural resources




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