Potential Climate Change Impact On Surface Winds in Southern British Columbia: Analyses Using A High-Resolution Regional Climate Model

Results from a state-of-the-art regional climate model will be used to analyze properties of near-surface winds (speed, direction, power, and variability in time) in selected regions of southern British Columbia. Station observations taken over recent decades will be used to develop a relation between model output fields and wind characteristics that can be used to deduce wind properties at station locations in any future period. These will be compared with high-resolution maps of the same wind fields derived from the climate model in the future period, in order to ascertain the suitability of the maps for use in further impact assessment. Of particular interest are changes in the mean and maximum wind speed, power, and variability from contemporary values, as these are likely to have a direct impact on operations at the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Adam Monahan


Charles Curry


BC Transmission Corporation


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Alternative energy


University of Victoria



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