Potential clinical uses of glycopeptides

Red blood cells are stored in blood collection centres for blood transfusion; however, some of red blood cells are discarded due to the poor quality after storage for a period of time because the poor quality of the red blood cells will cause health problems in individuals after transfusion. In this project, we are going to test new compounds derived from natural anti-freezing proteins by a Canada-based biotech company Sirona for better storage of red blood cells. Hopefully, we will find that these new compounds can improve the quality of the red blood cells after storage. Our partner Sirona is a Canadian company. The success of this project will benefit to the business of this company in the development of novel medical agents for blood transfusion medicine.

Faculty Supervisor:

Armando Jardim


Aleksandra Kasikovic


Sirona Biochem Corp


Microbiology / Immunology




McGill University



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