Potential Function Based Secondary Control of Microgrid

The new trend in electric power systems is to incorporate distributed energy resource (DER) units into the main grid. Such DER units can form a microgrid if they are in close proximity of each other and are connected to the main grid through a single point of common coupling (PCC). If for any reason the microgrid becomes separated from the main grid, for example in a case of a fault occurrence, the new paradigm of power systems (Smart Grid) necessitates that the microgrid continues to operate in this islanded mode. Although there has been much research on the subject of primary control of microgrids to rapidly react to disturbances, such primary control cannot guarantee stable operation of the microgrid. Therefore, there is need for a higher level control (secondary control) to adjust the microgrid set points according to the new operating conditions. This project with Digital Predictive Systems Inc. aims to develop such secondary controllers taking into account the interaction of microgrids and the communication requirements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Reza Iravani


Ali Mehrizi‐Sani


Digital Predictive Systems Inc.






University of Toronto



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