Power transducer improvement for Etalim TAC heat engine

Etalim is a Canadian high technology company developing a breakthrough heat engine generating electricity from any fuel or heat source. The Etalim TAC (Thermal Acoustic Converter) is a unique technology that converts any high temperature gradient to electricity, with high efficiency (20%-30%) and simplicity. The TAC represents a unique class of device that combines principles of thermodynamics, high-amplitude acoustics, mechanical resonance and materials science in a unique way. Etalim is in joint development with top global automotive and HVAC brands to commercialize the TAC technology in billion-dollar markets for exhaust waste heat recovery on trucks, and for distributed residential co-generation. The proposed project involves improvements in the power transducer system of the TAC, and makes the company one step closer to commercializing the TAC technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Farid Golnaraghi


Amir Maravandi


Etalim Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


Simon Fraser University



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