Pre-arrival services: The missing piece in the immigrant integration puzzle?

Although the education level of immigrants arriving in Canada has been steadily increasing, finding appropriate employment has remained a constant challenge for many newcomers. In an effort to improve some of the barriers that immigrants face, immigrant service organizations (ISOs) have started providing pre-arrival services for immigrants before they set foot in Canada. Pre-arrival services include orientation sessions, language classes and workshops on various topics such as job search strategies and occupational licensing. This research study will examine whether and how pre-arrival services may play a role in improving the labour market experiences of skilled immigrants and their families after they arrive in Canada. The internship will focus on collecting interview data from immigrants who have received pre-arrival services within the past five years with the aim to understand how pre-arrival services can be expanded and optimized to improve newcomers’ labour market outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rupa Banerjee


Aliya Amarshi





Other services (except public administration)


Ryerson University



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