Precious metal mineralization at submarine volcanic centres: insight from the felsic centres of the Abitibi greenstone belt, Quebec, Canada

The proposed study will examine the volcanological, mineralogical and geochemical evolution of the felsic volcanic complex hosting Horne deposit in a comparative study with the surrounding felsic volcanic centres in the Rouyn-Noranda region of Quebec. Volcanic and intrusive facies, alteration phases and mineralization styles will be described for each centre. Mineralization will be further examined by analyzing trace element concentrations in sulfide and oxide phases to identify similarities and differences between all complexes. Through the course of determining these concentrations, a separation and identification of components from magmatic and hydrothermal contributions will be attempted. Field samples and drill core from the Krafla volcanic complex will be examined to compare trace element concentrations in sulfide and oxide phases in a modern hydrothermal system and an evaluation of fractures and pore spaces will be conducted to assess how these fluids flow through these spaces.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Stix


Lyndsay Moore


Falco Resources


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources




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