Predicting noise impact on fish communities in the western Canadian Arctic using Passive Acoustic Monitoring.

Several fish species produce species-specific sounds that can be identified in the wild using Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) (i.e. dataloggers configured with underwater microphones). Our project will use existing and new PAM recordings to monitor the distribution of several fish species in the western Canadian Arctic, with particular focus on a keystone Arctic species, the Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida). Acoustic signal detection techniques will be implemented to identify different fish species from large acoustic datasets. Statistical modelling will be used to predict the potential impacts of anthropogenic noise and environmental changes on fish distribution. Timing is critical as the Arctic is undergoing increasingly rapid changes. Our investigation will be the first to investigate the ecoacoustics of Canadian Arctic fish and the potential impacts of anthropogenic noise. It will provide direct and indirect data relevant to indigenous food security and will provide long-term data and predictions needed to inform effective management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Francis Juanes


Marta Bolgan


JASCO Research Ltd.




Life sciences


University of Victoria



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