Prediction models for pain volatility and engagement patterns of mobile pain app users

Pain is among the top 3 most common reasons for seeking medical help. ManagingLife has developed a mobile-based app, called Manage My Pain, to help chronic-pain patients by providing a simplistic, customizable and comprehensive interface to track pain symptoms and pain experience at a frequency chosen by the users. ManagingLife is interested in understanding the benefits of the app use on its 27,000 and constantly growing user base by identifying user cohorts that ultimately experience improvement in pain experience given self-disclosure tracking behaviours. We plan to develop scientific methods that will help predict the change in pain ratings, i.e., pain volatility of the app users over time. We also aim to predict the level of user engagement in future based on the current usage behavior and users’ profile information such as gender and age. Through this research, Manage My Pain platform will have analytic capabilities that will enable targeted product development, drive retention and engagement for chronic pain patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jane Heffernan


Quazi Abidur Rahman






Information and communications technologies




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