Prediction of NOx formation by a DC Plasma Torch

Industries using fossil fuels as their energy source are contributing to global warming as the required energy for their processes is supplied by combusting fossil fuels. CO2, a greenhouse gas, is a products of combustion. Using electricity generated by hydropower as the heat source may eliminate CO2 emission. One of the commercially available electric heaters is the direct-current plasma torch, where the gas is heated to high temperatures. Because air is readily available and free, it is used as the primary plasma forming gas. Although this type of torch does not produce CO2, it produces nitrogen oxides (NOx), considered a pollutant. In this project, a detailed numerical model will be developed to predict NOx formation of DC plasma toch, and address the existing challenges in minimizing the NOx formation at the source, and find the optimum conditions for minimizing NOx emission. The model will be validated experimentally.

Faculty Supervisor:

Javad Mostaghimi


Elham Dalir


PyroGenesis Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




University of Toronto


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