Prediction of Vortex Breakdown over Wing Geometries Using Detached-Eddy Simulation


The formation of vortices and their interaction with the aircraft wing and body is one the most interesting problems in aerodynamics. These vortices are usually generated and convected from different parts of the lift providing devices. Their interaction with the flow field, can case unsteady force and vibration. At some configurations, it can alter the aerodynamics characteristics of the aircraft by inducing separated regions in the flow field which causes sudden loss of the lift know as stall condition. Extensive information about this phenomenon can be obtained through a computer simulation during the design process in order to provide required data for the efficient design of the aircraft. In this research, a computer simulation of this problem will be carried out using an accurate numerical discretization technique.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andrew Pollard, Dr. Ugo Piomelli


Hassan Raiesi


Bombardier Aerospace


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


Queen's University



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