Predictive Models for Customers’ Engagement in a Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise’s Business Ecosystem Network

In the era of digitization, the success of an SME significantly depends on the active engagement with other actors (e.g., brand consumers, suppliers, influencers) in their business ecosystem. In this research project, we propose to develop an engagement model based on the business ecosystem network. These models will predict the customer engagement community association and engagement score. Our model will help the partner organization to understand the critical factor of the life cycle for any particular business on their platform. This model will also give the advantage of developing customer-focused personalized features, marketing strategies to our partner organization, thus solidifying its market position in this sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elkafi Hassini


Dewan Ferdous Wahid


FreshBooks Cloud Accounting


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McMaster University



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