Preliminary Design of Distributed Hydroponic Grow Systems in Residential Buildings as a Means of Addressing Market Interest and Food Supply Chain Disruption Due to COVID19

Hydroponics is a farming method that does not require soil, but rather utilizes a porous medium to hold plants so that waste of irrigation solution is minimized. This type of farming is considered more expensive than traditional open-field agriculture. However, it has been found to function well in enclosed spaces with a controlled environment, especially in cold climates where open-field agriculture is challenging. This project aims to assess the feasibility to perform such farming inside of residential units by having all of the necessary equipment, such as the utility elements of a system reservoir, fertigation, and irrigation components, be located with other household utility equipment (e.g. laundry, furnace, central vacuum). Meanwhile, the medium or components for growing, tending, or aesthetics would be located within living areas (e.g. kitchen, foyer, breakfast nook).

Faculty Supervisor:

Lexuan Zhong


Artur Udovichenko




Engineering - mechanical




University of Alberta



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