Preparatory research to enable the implementation of a multi-site research project: Getting it right – Pharmacist-led pharmacogenetic testing in community pharmacies

Making sure patients have well controlled post-operative pain is imperative for patient well-being, optimal recovery, and to prevent chronic pain from developing. Opioid medications are often used to treat post-surgical pain, but some people respond in unpredictable ways and this may be related to their genetics. Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is a way of finding out how people’s genes affect the way they respond to medications. Community pharmacists as medication experts are ideally positioned to provide PGx testing for patients awaiting surgery, educate and consult with patients about PGx and communicate results to appropriate health professionals.
The aim of this project is do the preparation work for future research which will involve community pharmacists providing a PGx testing service to identify patients at risk for poor pain control after surgery. Information will be collected about patients identified through PGx, changes pharmacists recommend to patients’ medications and feedback from patients and health professionals involved about their experience. It is important to get pain control right. But first we need to do the preparatory work, collaborate with health professionals and other decision makers to develop the study processes and provide education about PGx.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lisa Guirguis


Bernadette Chevalier


Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Alberta



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