Preparing Mountain Tourism for a Warmer and Decarbonized Canada

Global climate change represents a grand challenge for society, and the risk for Canada’s ski tourism economy is no exception. Climate change impacts on ski tourism’s profitability will have far-reaching consequences for sport, employment, culture, real estate, and community economic development in Canada’s tourism-dependent rural and mountain communities, yet there is currently no analysis on carbon risks, national competitiveness, or sustainability transition opportunities. This hinders a strategic climate response, but how ski tourism engages in climate change is critical and viable strategies to be part of the decarbonized economy are essential to future development of the visitor economy. This project will assess Canadian ski tourism climate and carbon risks at the national scale using a world leading ski operations climate risk model and new sector applications of carbon accounting methods. Collaborating with industry and community members this project will assist transitions towards a decarbonized tourism industry and climate resilient mountain communities. The proposed research will be the first of its kind in any country and will develop new methodologies and insights that can be exported to other major ski markets worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Scott


Natalie Knowles


Protect Our Winters Canada


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)


University of Waterloo



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