Preventing Risk for Metabolic Syndrome in Workaholics: An Intervention

Tendencies towards workaholism have been linked to poor health and increased risk for diabetes and other chronic condition. A health improvement program that is interwoven within the workplace and leverages the ubiquitous use of smartphones has good potential of benefiting the workforce. The aim of this research project is to evaluate Transform, a digital health program created by Blue Mesa Health. The program is designed to prevent diabetes by helping people adopt healthier lifestyles. More specifically, this study will look at the impact Transform has on weight, physical activity workplace performance and stress management. Blue Mesa Health seeks to develop a strong research portfolio on Transform in order to provide a high-quality intervention that is both effective and competitive. BMH has plans to begin serving Canadians in 2019. Establishing collaborative partnerships in the Canadian academic arena is valuable to the growth and success of the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

L.L. ten Brummelhuis


Mariana Toniolo Barrios


Blue Mesa Health





Simon Fraser University



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