Probabilistic Life Cycle Analysis of Alternative Reinforcement Products in the Design of Concrete Structures — Phase One: Laboratory Durability Testing

Corrosion of internal reinforcement of concrete bridges represents a significant issue. Due to a presence of deicing salts, cycles of freezing and thawing, sustained and repetitive loads, the concrete loses its ability to protect the internal reinforcement. Unprotected reinforcement starts to corrode sooner than anticipated and, therefore, reduces the bridge service life. To avoid shortening of the service life, and safe cost of maintenance, several types of advanced corrosion resistant materials have been developed. We propose to test and analyze the performance and durability of six types of advanced materials used to reinforce concrete beams in addition to the conventional reinforcing steel for comparison purposes. These beams will be exposed to various load and climate conditions. It is expected that the different types of internal reinforcement will influence the response of the concrete beams when loaded. As a final outcome of the study, a report will be prepared to summarize how the application of the selected materials can extend the service life and reduce the maintenance cost of structures exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raafat El-Hacha


Mouhammad Amiri


Stantec Consulting Ltd.


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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