Probiotics Counteract Gut Microbial Dysbiosis and Long-Term Neural degeneration in Male and Female CD1

Women are disproportionately affected by neuro-degenerative disorders compared to men. For years, research has attempted to identify why this phenomenon occurs. The answer may be found in the gut. The intestinal tract contains millions of bacteria that are colonized from birth; These bacteria are essential for keeping the brain and immune system healthy. Changes in the proportions of bacterial species during critical periods of development can have lasting impacts on neuro-inflammation and degradation. Our research delves into understanding how the microbiome impacts the development of neuro-degenerative disorders in women, and if these impacts can be negated through alternative treatments, such as probiotics. This research will provide the medical community with proactive alternative treatments, as well as expand upon the current knowledge of the capacity of probiotics (such as Lallemand Health Solutions, Inc.’s Lacidofil and Probio’stick) to positively influence healthy aging.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nafissa Ismail


Madeleine May Kearns


Lallemand Health Solutions




Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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