Process and product development of NaquapureTM, a sustainable novel nanotechnology for the removal of heavy metals in industrial wastewater

NaquapureTM is a magnetic chitosan nanoparticle which removes heavy metals from wastewater using nanotechnology and a magnetic field to separate the nanoparticles with adsorbed heavy metals from the water. Although this technology has been shown to be effective there is missing information needed for NB-BM to finish product development. For instance, heavy metal removal using this technique has only been previously studied within the laboratory using distilled water. To ensure industrial success the intern will determine how other contaminants (i.e., organics, microorganisms and particulate matter) and environmental conditions (pH, temperature, ionic strength) will affect heavy metal removal. An industrial wastewater profile, developed by the intern, will be utilized to determine appropriate product modifications for a more efficient “personalized” water remediation product. The intern will then work with industrial partners to implement quality assurance standards and industrial application of the NaquapureTM product for heavy metal wastewater removal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Huining Xiao


Kimberley Mary Clarke


NB Biomatrix Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of New Brunswick



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