Process Modeling for Ge-on-Si Photodetectors

High-performance Ge-on-Si photodetectors are of lower cost and can be monolithically integrated with Si based integrated circuits for on-chip optical communications to increase computing speed. Process modeling is essential for structure and processing conditions design, but the current photonic design tools are too simplified for this task. This research is to implement process models in a photonic device design tool Lumerical DEVICETM. Focuses will be given on the Ge and dopant distributions at Si/Ge interfaces. Then, the processing condition impact on the Ge-on-Si photodetector performance will be studied to help locating a suitable processing window for the detector fabrication. The expected results would be an improved Lumerical DEVICETM capable of processing condition design and optimization. This project is perfectly aligned with the strategic priority of Canada as a world leader in optical communications, and will greatly facilitate the R&D of Ge-on-Si photodetectors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Guangrui Xia


Yiheng Lin


Lumerical Solutions Inc.




Information and communications technologies




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