Process optimization for extraction of compounds from natural sources – Year Two

Various methods have been developed to extract compounds from fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Subcritical and supercritical extractions are the most promising techniques with high output qualities and high cost efficiencies. Running the systems at different pressures and temperatures, the essential bi-product can be extracted from the natural compounds matrix. In addition to their effectiveness, the subcritical and supercritical extraction systems are environmentally friendly processes. The proposed project focuses on optimizing the essential bi-products extraction from natural compounds matrices. This can be achieved through the use of the appropriate pressures, temperatures, and solvent flow rates. During these processes, the solvent will propagate through the natural compound matrix and extract essential bi-products with maximum yields and least energy consumption. The extracts will be used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ali Ahmadi


Walid Mazyan


F.T.C. Enterprises Ltd.




Natural resources




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