Process optimization for extraction of compounds from natural sources

The proposed research project aims to optimize the conditions for Carbon dioxide eXpanded Liquid Extraction (CXLE) which uses liquefied Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and ethanol as co-solvents for extraction of compounds from natural sources. Design alterations will be implemented to a Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) unit at the partner organization (BioFoodTech) to perform CXLE and further increase the extraction amount as well as extraction rate. The effects of extraction conditions including temperature, pressure and molar fraction of co-solvents on the extraction process will be investigated for different compounds with varying polarities. The extraction efficiency will be then compared to the efficiency of other extraction methods including SFE and pressurized liquid extraction (PLE). The development of the proposed extraction system will enable BioFoodTech to provide better service to a wider range of companies and clients which will result in the faster economic growth of the natural product sector in PEI and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ali Ahmadi


Walid Mazyan


University of Prince Edward Island




Natural resources




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