Process Optimization of Electrokinetic Transport Phenomena for Remediation of Oil Sands Tailings

The research project would involve developing and executing an experimental program to optimize the application of electrokinetic dewatering technology for oil sands tailings called EKS-DT developed by ElectroKinetic Solutions (EKS). This research will involve conducting a series of high priority experiments for process optimization and innovation. Three main research categories involving electrokinetic tailings consolidation modelling, optimum electrode design and optimum power sequencing have been identified as crucial areas for improving the technology. Lab results from these studies would be used towards field deployment strategies during commissioning and operations. Research on the observations and results of the field operations will also be conducted on an ongoing basis and will be used towards process innovation and optimization before commercialization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Japan Trivedi


Tinu Abraham


ElectroKinetic Solutions


Engineering - civil


Mining and quarrying




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