Process Optimization of Kraft / Dissolving Pulp Manufacturing

Paper is one of the few basic materials for which per-capita demand has not become saturated by the cost of raw materials and energy which are on the rise annually. Energy, wood supply and lower than predicted reliability of equipments leading to production swings have been a major issue for AV Nackawic which came to production in 2006 after a brief closure of 15 months. With change in management the mill has proposed to new fiber line for the production of dissolving grade pulp with a capacity of 600 tons/day with the existing Kraft pulp line of 800 tons/day. With these concerns, this study coincides with our mills expansion project. The intern will closely with senior energy engineer to measure steam supply and consumption for individual stages and calculate overall energy balance to make recommendations for steam usage based on economical benefits. He will also be working along with technical manager in process calculation and new furnish development to accommodate changes from Kraft pulping to dissolving grade pulp. Further this will be a good opportunity for the mill to conduct feasibility study of the proposed project, re-evaluate and re-asses our existing processes and records to make a more reliable and productive environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr.Yonghao Ni


Jayakumar Balakrishnan


AV Nackawic Inc.




Pulp and paper


University of New Brunswick



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