Producer and Consumer Attitudes towards Forest Product Biomass for Renewable Energy Generation


Nova Scotia woodland owners will be surveyed to explore their attitudes towards forest product biomass as a renewable energy resource. The four A’s of energy security: accessibility, acceptability, affordability and availability (Asia Pacific Energy Research Council, 2007), provide the framework for the survey questions. In contrast, selected community members from the same counties as the woodland owners will be asked to participate in focus groups to discuss biomass and their attitudes towards its role as a renewable energy resource as well. By discovering how available, acceptable, accessible and affordable the woodland owners perceive biomass to be, then Nova Scotia Power Inc (NSPI) will have much greater insight into how to best utilize this resource. As well, by better understanding the woodland owners and public concerns it will help improve NSPI’s ability to effectively engage with their stakeholders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michelle Adams


Margo MacGregor


Nova Scotia Power Inc.


Environmental sciences


Alternative energy


Dalhousie University



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