Product Modularity Enhancement and Engineering Analysis for CPP Dredges

Canada Pump and Power (CPP) Corporation has approached University of Alberta (UofA) to conduct a joint research program by leveraging MITACS Accelerate Internship Cluster Program on “product modularity enhancement and mechanical engineering analysis” for CPP’s existing dredges with its uniquely selected pumps for different user requirements. The methodology adopted includes parametric feature-based design and system simulation-based engineering analysis. The research novelty is the associative engineering analysis with product selections, and configuration management information model that can be reused for different product configurations with minimum
reengineering effort. This research has a 2-year period; 16 intern units are planned for graduate students. The key benefits for CPP are the development of a well investigated modularity framework with reusable engineering and computerized design models. These benefits will enhance CPP’s flexibility in satisfying the variety of user requirements and reduce the risks and costs of reconfigured systems which will lead to direct efficiency and profit gains.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yongsheng Ma


Zhengrong Cheng, Jikai Liu, Nima Yousefi


Canada Pump & Power


Engineering - mechanical


Construction and infrastructure


University of Alberta



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