Production of bioactive peptides through high ydrostatic pressure assisted enzymatic digestion of egg white

Egg yolk contains IgY antibodies that target various infectious disease and food allergens. IGY Inc is a company focused on utilizing chicken immune system for antibody production. IgY antibody contains 0.64% of total wet egg yolk, after cracking each egg IGY Inc generates 60-70g of liquid egg white which has a low commercial value. Egg white is a rich source of dietary protein and also known for its biological activities. Therefore the primary objective of this study is to develop a pragmatic technique to hydrolyze egg white to produce peptides with biological activity. Later on the anti-oxidant activity of the hydrolysate will be tested to identify the most potent hydrolysate. Thus the results from this research project will provide information to develop a new Natural Health Product (NHP) for future pre-clinical studies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hoon Sunwoo


Bharti Singh


IGY Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Alberta



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